Civil Engineering

Helix Civil Engineering Services encompasses a wide range of offerings that include Project Consultancy, Design Solutions, Planning & Architecture, Construction Services, Construction Management, Project Management, and Project Audit.

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We, at Helix, carry immense experience and broad knowledge in delivering efficient and top-notch solutions for your engineering and construction project requirements and challenges. Our expert consultants will help the owners, contractors, engineers, and architects in meeting the specific needs and timelines that help them accomplish the project successfully.


The well-accomplished Civil Engineering team at Helix specialize in generating modern, sustainable, and cost-effective designs for your Civil Engineering requirements. Get in touch with us to discuss your project requirements and commence building your dreams!


The professional team at Helix offer tailor-made architectural solutions for your construction requirements. We understand the unique needs of our clients for all their building projects and deliver innovative, energy-efficient, and technically sound architectural solutions.


Helix offers top quality end-to-end Construction services for your building requirements. Leave it to our experienced, knowledge-driven, and professional experts to deal with the everyday challenges encountered throughout the construction process. We possess the experience to provide real-world, cost-effective solutions & construct your project right from the planning to its successful completion.

HELIX delivers the best of services and customer satisfaction. As a policy, our focus is always to generate local employment with our projects and improving lives in the communities we work in.

Lender’s Engineer Role

Our experienced and professional experts play the vital role of Lender’s Engineer for the projects funded by you. We ensure efficient utilization of funds for the right products, ensuring consistently high quality and delivering to the timelines. Our professionals also bring great value in terms of project monitoring, risk management, and offer excellent technical inputs that help improve the quality and feasibility of the project bringing better and much-desired results your way.

Project Management

Efficiency is always a key factor to ensure a successful and productive accomplishment for any project. The experience and skill in managing a project play a key role in achieving that efficiency. We can be that experienced minds for you. We take care of everything from procurement of materials, managing vendors and contractors, management duties and accurate valuation of the project for you until the project is complete..

Project Audit

An important aspect of any construction or infrastructure project, an efficient and proper Project Audit ensures that the implementation, execution, and eventually the success of the project is seamless and assured. With our reliable Project Audit, you will be able to improve cost efficiency, mitigate risks, effectively manage human and material resources, streamline the construction process, and accomplish the project on time.