Technical Consultancy

Helix Technical Consultancy and Advisory services covers a wide range of reliable solutions and offerings that include preparation of detailed project reports, feasibility studies, environmental impact studies, lender’s engineer role, project management and valuation.

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Detailed Project Report

Our expert team of industry professionals will cover all the variables of project in the report right from the fundamental specifications to the financial aspects of the project. We ensure that the report is prepared upon the thorough assessment of the requirements as well as the market dynamics that is related to the project. The detailed project report includes market survey, raw material specifications material resource requirement, personnel and management requirements, land and building requirements, cash flow statements, and financial projections.

Feasibility Studies

An important aspect for any construction or infra-structure projects, a proper feasibility study ensures that the implementation, execution, and eventually the success of the project is seamless and assured. We carry immense experience in carrying out accurate and highly reliable feasibility study both in the technical and financial aspects for your project.

Environmental Impact Studies

It is part of the corporate responsibility to cause no harm to the environment. Our in-depth environment impact study of the proposed project will weed out any inconsistencies that have a negative impact on the surroundings and ensure the final product is environment-friendly.

Lender’s Engineer Role

Our knowledgeable, experienced, and professional experts can play the vital role of Lender’s Engineer for your project approvals and advancements. Our professionals also bring great value in terms of project monitoring, risk management, and offer excellent technical inputs that help improve the quality and feasibility of the project brining better and much desired results your way.

Project Management and Valuation

Efficiency is always a key as far to ensure a successful and productive accomplishment as far as any kind of project is concerned. The experience and skill in managing a project plays a key role in achieving that efficiency. We can be that experienced minds for you. We take care of everything from management duties to accurate valuation of the project for you until it’s complete.