Real Estate

Helix is a Single-stop destination for all your Property Management and Real Estate needs. With years of experience, exceptional industry expertise, and unmatched accomplishments in the sector, we are always your first choice to realize your real estate dreams. Our wide range of services in this category include

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Best Use Option Study

You can put to reset any or all hesitancies, dilemmas, and confusion over how to efficiently use your property. Our industry experts will deeply study all your property aspects by considering current market trends and help you make the right decision on how best to use it.

Transaction Advisory, Management and Valuation

Maximize the value of your real estate portfolio and ensure that you are reaping the best out of property dealings and real estate transactions with our reliable transaction management and valuation services. Our in-depth and accurate market knowledge and real estate portfolio information will help you make right decisions, reduce the risks and simultaneously costs, and take complete advantage of market opportunities, and ensure smooth transactions.

Feasibility Study

We carry immense experience in carrying out accurate and highly reliable feasibility study both in the technical and financial aspects for lands as well as properties. This ensures that your returns on the investment does not go south.

Facility and Property Management

Helix comprises of vastly experienced and distinguished facility managers who will take care of existing property management and maintenance as well as do due diligence, perform market analysis before new property acquisition, review properties, and inspect the legal matters and documents of the properties before helping you make the ideal decision.

Portfolio Management

Let our knowledgeable, professional, and reliable managers take care of your entire real estate portfolio that includes your lands as well as properties. With our efficient Portfolio Management services, you are assured of reaping the best value for the properties you own and achieve great returns on your new investments.

Broking Services

Helix acts as a smooth bridge that connects the sellers and the prospective buyers. We will help buyers identify the perfect property based on your commercial or domestic requirements as well as connect the sellers with the prospective buyers who are interested in buying or leasing their properties. Our job is only done when the seamless transaction between the buyers and sellers is concluded.

Our services also include Real Estate Investment Management, Commercial Leasing, and Residential Project Marketing Assignments.